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Method Soap Factory (People Against Dirty)

Methods Product Factory exterior render Platinum Image credit: William McDonough + Partners

Method Soap Factory (People Against Dirty) | First LEED Zero Waste project in the world

Chicago, Illinois
Climate warrior

Located in the Pullman Factory District in Chicago’s South Side, its 75,000 square foot (6,968 square meter) rooftop greenhouse produces one million pounds of food annually, which is sold to local restaurants.

A 230 foot (70 meter) 600kW wind turbine produces about 30% of the factory’s energy, and three solar trees each with 60PV modules can supply 45.9 kW of energy. 

The factory houses manufacturing, bottling, and distribution all under one roof, which cuts down on its carbon footprint.

Methods Product Factory interior Image credit: Patsy McEnroe Photography courtesy William McDonough + Partners