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DEWA Solar Innovation Centre

DEWA Solar Innovation Centre Platinum Image credit: DEWA Sustainable Building- Al Quoz

DEWA Solar Innovation Centre | Part of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park, developed to showcase the latest renewable and clean energy technologies

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The building consists of 4 floors covering 43,056 square feet (4,000 square meters) and a height of approximately 90 meters.

On-site renewable energy production includes building-integrated photovoltaics producing 441,139 kWh every year, a 13 MW photovoltaic solar plant producing 944,281 kWh a year and a solar hot water system generating 35,059 kWh annually

Water use has been reduced by 54% for all its fixtures and by 50.9% for its flushing fixtures. Additionally, the building harvests rainwater, treats graywater on site and 97% of storm-water runoff is treated.